Dossier to be published in CHDJ 2021, Vol. 10, No. 2


Maps and Cartographic Ideas in Motion: Circulation, Transfers and Networks

José María García Redondo / José María Moreno Martín (coords.)

From a global perspective, this special issue examines the construction of geographical knowledge from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries as a continuous process of circulation and transfer of ideas, people and images. The articles analyze maps as pieces of a knowledge “under construction”: the map “as a place” of exchanges and experimentation, as an object that travels — throughout time— between different people, nations and empires, or as an instrument that creates, transmits or questions geographical knowledge. By analyzing the dissemination of cartographic practices and surveying tools, the reproduction or imitation of visual models, the relationships between mapmakers and their audiences, as well as the political tensions and everyday practices on the territory, maps are displayed more as a image “in process” of the world than as a stable depiction of an immovable truth.