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Culture & History Digital Journal features original scientific articles and review articles, aimed to contribute to the methodological debate among historians and other scholars specialized in the fields of Human and Social Sciences, at an international level.

Using an interdisciplinary and transversal approach, this Journal poses a renovation of the studies on the past, relating them and dialoguing with the present, breaking the traditional forms of thinking based on chronology, diachronic analysis, and the classical facts and forms of thinking based exclusively on textual and documental analysis. By doing so, this Journal aims to promote not only new subjects of History, but also new forms of addressing its knowledge.

All articles published in this Journal will undergo an exhaustive, double-blind, peer-review process.

Culture & History Digital Journal is a half-yearly, online, full Open Access Journal, formally issued in June and December. The final version of some selected articles may be published in advance, immediately upon acceptance and correction.

Culture & History Digital Journal is covered by Scopus/Elsevier, ERIH Plus, REDIB, DOAJ, and other relevant national and international databases.
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Culture & History Digital Journal covered by Scopus/Elsevier

Culture & History Digital Journal covered from now on by Scopus/Elsevier. As stated in the notification from Elsevier, "Everything about this journal impresses: from the editorial policy to the production schedule, from the homepage to the online access. In addition, citations are extremely high, underlining the importance of the journal to the field. There can be no question that it merits inclusion in SCOPUS.".  
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Academic awards. José Luis Peset Reig

The Editorial Board of Culture & History Digital Journal wishes to share with our readers our satisfaction with the academic awards received by Dr. José Luis Peset Reig, our Co-Editor-in-Chief.  
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Culture & History Digital Journal covered in ERIH PLUS (European Science Foundation)

Culture & History Digital Journal has been selected by the Norwegian Centre for Research Data for coverage in ERIH PLUS (European Science Foundation).  
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