La Minotaura, the Female Minotaur: Aida Toledo’s Version of the Classical Myth


  • Teresa Anta San Pedro The College of New Jersey



Female, Claims, Protagonism, Classic, Greek, Mythology


The poetry of the Guatemalan poet Aida Toledo, from its beginning, breaks away from the masculine and feminine images created and recreated through centuries by the owner of words and power, man. Toledo, as a consequence of her reflections on gender, questions, changes and pulverizes certain qualities considered to be unique and essential in defining each of the sexes. The poet starts with the Greek myths, as she considerers them to be the sacred pillars in building the Western Culture. Aida Toledo, not satisfied with using the sword of extermination against the eternal masculine and feminine values, uses the ashes from that fire as fertilizer to sprout new life, a life that time and space will shape into new beings, new male and female Minotaur.


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